Gili Trawangan

The first day of the adventure, I decided to try a very popular activity: to take one of the fastboats, and after one hour, to enjoy a vehicleless island: welcome to Gili Trawangan!

Walk, bike and Cidomo – small horse-drawn carriage – will be your only way to get around the island.


Strange bikes from Gili, main road (picture from

Famous for the swings in the middle of the water, where – if you are a good tourist – you are supposed to do the picture with the sunset on the background.


Swing and hammock, The Exile


Sunset lover, Ombak sunset


Gili Trawangan is really popular for young people thanks to its reputation to be a party island. I’ve experienced it in some bars of the main street… Good atmosphere but nothing crazy.

Being a really small island, there are not too much to do other than “beach and relax”. One or two days will be really enough over there.

After one night, come back to Bali for some more adventures!