New Year’s Eve in Sydney

New Year’s fireworks in Sydney is one of the most spectacular events in the world! Each year, it attracts more than 1 million people, came to admire the fireworks above the  Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The only “problem” is its popularity: already at 10 am, all Circular Quay  area was full of families and friends ready to celebrate the new year.
10:00 AM, Circular Quay
Sold out, Circular Quay
To attract all these people, I had already guessed that it would be a wonderful show; so, I started to look for a place from where I could see the fireworks…  Some areas were already full, others allowed the entrance only for who possessed a ticket (I let you imagine the price), others were still relatively empty but it meaned that I was supposed to keep a place for 14 hours until the beggining of the show… it’s was a real long time to wait, and with the hot temperature of the season, I prefered to give it up.
But I’ve been really lucky: I’ve been invitated to a private party. Arriving in Australia, I met a wonderful family that lives in Darling Point, with an amazing view from their balcony on all the Sydney bay. In the afternoon, I received the invitation to spend the night with them. I accepted it immediately being not able to lose an opportunity as great.
Here’s how the evening went.
20.30: Just arrived to the party. A little bit after, we were already moving to the neighboor house at the end of the street with even a better view…
21:00: Beginning of the first fireworks, called “Family firework“, done for childrens.
Colors and draws in the sky were creating a magnificient atmosphere in the wait of midnight.
Red lights, fireworks
Sydney bay, fireworks
At the end of the first fireworks, I was already amazed by what I’ve just seen. But everybody was saying me that it was only the “starter”.
00.00: Voilà the first noise that announces the beginning of the show and the first step in 2017…
They were right! The midnight fireworks have been fabulous and compared to the first show, in which the bridge was lit only, now the fires also departed from the bridge…
12 minuts of show that let you without words and worth the wait…
Rainbow, fireworks
Red lights #2, fireworks
Black and white, frieworks
The end, fireworks
So, if you don’t know where to spend next New Year’s Eve… come to Sydney, you won’t regret it !
To you, reading my post, I wish you all the best for 2017. Plan, dream, and live!

HAVE A GOOD 2017 !