Almost on the road… thanks to you!

Almost 4 months since my arrival in Australia. Until today, I’ve just got the possibility to discover the city of Sydney…  But as you should have understood, my dream is to travel exploring all the Australians roads.
Thanks to a friend, I’ve discovered GoGetFunding, a “crowdfunding” website that allows you to receive money for anything that matters to you; personal causes, events or projects.
As I just said, my dream is to travel all around Australia aboard my campervan.
Working actually in full-time as waiter, I do my best to save the maximum possible despite the costs of living in Sydney…
I’ve already checked some ads concerning the purchase of campervan and at the minimum, I will need to pay around 4000 AUD (2800€).
I will need your help to reach my goal. Even with something small you could bring me closer of my dream.


I’ve decide that anyone who participates, will receive in change:
  • 20-90 AUD (15-60€): an “homemade” postcard directly at home !
  • +90-200 AUD (+60-140€): a postcard + a personalized photo !
  • +200 AUD (+140€): a postcard + a personalized photo + its name on my campervan’s body !




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