A source of inspiration

I decided to write a post about the movies that inspired my desire to travel. Solitary or with friends, in each traveler, I recognize myself on different aspects…

CHE NE SARA’ DI NOI, 2004 (Giovanni Veronesi)

This movie is one of my favourites.
Famous in Italy it tells the story of three friends just graduated who choose to go in holidays in Greece, Santorini precisely. Tired of school and daily problems, thanks to this trip they will find their road and discover their future.
“Il nostro futuro c’é già, e l’unica cosa che siamo costretti a fare è andare… andare.”
I liked it from the first time I saw it – almost three years ago – because I was and I am like them; I do not know which way is mine, but there it is, waiting for me somewhere!
I knew from that moment that traveling would also be for me the best way to discover myself.
Also with this movie I revisited Greece, the magical Santorini … a journey that I’ve already done 2 times.
“Un gruppo di amici in vacanza é come un manipolo di soldati in guerra: possono diventare eroi o carne da macello. Una cosa é certa, se torneranno a casa saranno pieni di medaglie o cicatrici.”
It’s sure that a trip will make you meet new cultures, new people and new places, but most of all you will learn to know better yourself. Your weaknesses sometimes will win, but when you will manage to get over them you will find out how strong you can be.


INTO THE WILD, 2007 (Sean Penn)

It’s a film that I won’t never get tired – and I’ve already seen it so many times.
American film based on the book Into the wild of Jon Krakauer.
The protagonist just graduated, suffocated by family and consumer society, escaped and started traveling in the United States until to reach Alaska.
“No longer to be poisoned by civilization he flees, and walks alone upon the land to become lost in the wild.”
What this movie gives me – and even maybe the reason that makes me mad – is this desire for freedom: to have the courage to leave behind his everyday life, without safety, with you against yourself.
I know that a lot of people do not agree with my way to think. But for now, I don’t want to sit in a chair for hours always doing the same job. I want to walk barefoot in the street, reading books lying in the sand and write under the shade of a tree. I want to work to buy me the next plane ticket for my future goal.
I want to lose myself, to find myself, to lose me again and find me again … I want to drive my van, admire and photograph the beauty around me. I want freedom!

ON THE ROAD, 2012 (Walter Salles)

Based on the book of Kerouac published in 1957, this is the story of young people belonging to the “Beat generation”. They run away from the society and start a trip between alcool, marijuana and jazz.
“We have to go without to stop…”
Where is not the main thing, the important is to go. Driving on the road…
“The purity of the road. The white line in the middle of the highway unrolled and hugged our left front tire as if glued to our groove.”

TRACKS, 2013 (John Curran)

In this film, you will meet this young girl traveling around 2.700 Km starting from the Australian desert – Alice Springs –  until the Indian ocean with her dog – Diggity – and four camels.
I liked this movie because it’s a real show for your eyes… Amazing landscapes during all the movie that makes you visit the beauty of the Australia.
“And there are new kinds of nomads, not people who are at home everywhere, but who are at home nowhere. I was one of them.”
I would like to call this movie “on the road of the spirit”; the hostile desert and the expulsion from the society will push the main character to face her fears and fragility. Like Into the wild, exploring new places is accompanied by a process of growth and self-discovery.

WILD, 2014 (Jean-Marc Vallée)

If you’ve liked Tracks, I will advise you to have a look on this one. This movie is again a meeting between human-nature at the limit of survival. Unfortunately they should seem to you similar, but each movie has something that makes him unique.
It’s the story of a girl walking only with her big backpack in  the Mojave Desert until the border between US and Canada.
Here too, the travel – with obstacles and small joys – will regain the protagonist’s will to live.
“The real challenge is to live.”