About me

French young man. 20 years-old. Italian background. Soccer player.
Living actually in Paddington (Sydney, AUSTRALIA).
Love challenges, adventures and travels.
Eager to discover the WHOLE world.
Why “The T3 ad-VAN-ture”?
Some years ago, I fell in love with the camper van Volkswagen T3 WESTFALIA.
From this day, I have a dream: to buy this camper van and to travel all over the world.
Living actually in Sydney,and preparing a road trip all over the country, I choose to start this blog to maybe bring me closer of my DREAM.

If you would like to help me in my adventure, click here ! 


♦ All the pictures used on this blog are done by myself. On the other hand, I mention the source.
For the moment I’m using the top brand Leica with the LEICA V-LUX 4 ♦