After two months in Sydney, little break in the island of Gods: BALI.
From Sydney to Denpasar, after 7 hours of flight here we are. I dreamed a lot of this small Indonesian island even when I was in Europe. It looks like a paradise destination despite all the poverty you can see one time there…
Just arrived at the beggining of the rainy season I was afraid about the weather. Fortunately, I’ve just seen the rain two times in ten days. I lived in Ubud, the main city, for all the night. Except the first one, where I took a boat to one of the Gili islands: Gili Trawangan, a nice experience.
It’s the cheapest destination I’ve ever been! Let me give you some examples.
  • You can eat in a really good restaurant and pay only 150.000 Rp. (15 AUD/ 10€) by person for a full dinner.
  • You can rent a motorbike all the day long for only 50.000 Rp. (5 AUD/ 3,5€).
  • You can have your own driver during one day for only 400.000 Rp. (40 AUD/ 27€).
Full of beautiful temples, great beach in the south, and an amazing nature you won’t be bored over there.
Enjoy the trip!


Between temples and nature



Sip. Relax. Repeat.



Gili Trawangan